<strong>What to know about the challenges of healing PTSD and Trauma</strong>

Congrats! You have been doing reading, thoughtful reflection, and sought out therapeutic support for dealing with your trauma symptoms. The road has been hard so far and taking that first step can be stressful. It is important to remind yourself that healing is not linear and looks different for everyone, offering yourself grace is very […]

How Increasing Your Step Count Can Improve Your Mental Health

Walking is one of the most underrated forms of physical activity. It is an activity that can be done anywhere. Walking can reduce your risk for heart disease, diabetes, and strokes. But did you know that it can also improve your mental health? It has been proven that walking can reduce anxiety and depressive symptoms. […]

<strong>Rest is not an option, it is a requirement!</strong>

We have all had moments where we feel mentality, physically and even sometimes spiritually exhausted. Many times we push ourselves past our limits which can have negative effects like increased irritability , moodiness, and etc. Most of the time, when we feel drained, we try to compensate by getting more sleep which can be beneficial, […]

ADHD Decision Making

Our lives are an accumulation of decisions made over time. Every day we are presented with infinite choices – some small, like deciding what’s for dinner; some big, like having a child; some easy, some that feel impossible and some that exist in the middle. You probably don’t even realize many of the decisions you’re […]

Two Tools to Help With Sleep Management

Have you ever noticed that you may feel more irritable or fatigued on days you don’t get enough sleep? It may seem like everything that can go wrong goes wrong that day, or you might find it harder to get through the day. Not getting quality sleep and enough sleep can negatively impact your mood. […]

Children/Teens/Parenting: How to talk to your kids so they will actually listen

Communicating effectively with your kids can be a challenge. Especially when you are juggling many responsibilities as a parent, feeling like your kids just won’t listen is a major source of stress. While it often seems like children are intentionally defiant and rebellious, most of the time you and your kids are just doing your […]

Setting Boundaries With Family

Boundaries are something a lot of people struggle with, especially with their family members. Some people are raised to bend over backward for family and to help family regardless of how it may impact them. Family dynamics can be tricky. We don’t get to choose our family, but we can teach them how to engage […]

Recognizing overthinking and how to stop: DBT Emotion Regulation Skills

What is overthinking and what are the impacts? Overthinking is going over the same thought again and again, analyzing the simplest of situations or events until all sense of proportion is gone. The overthinking brain cannot translate these thoughts into actions or positive outcomes, so therefore creates feelings of stress and anxiety. Overthinking often prevents you […]

How perfectionism is fueling your anxiety

The multitude of social media platforms, photoshopping apps, and influencer advertisements all reflect a culture that thrives on showcasing your best self. We’ve all been there – casually scrolling through Instagram and seeing the picture-perfect couple, beach vacation, or home and wishing we had that for ourselves. The Internet is where all things aesthetically pleasing […]