Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in NYC AND NC

Are you experiencing symptoms of anxiety or depression?

Do you feel like your negative thoughts about yourself are holding you back? Are you constantly judging yourself in your head? Do you feel disconnected from others? Are you feeling overwhelmed by stress? Do you ever have mornings where you feel like you’re stitched to the sheets and the thought of getting out of bed is difficult? You may even get frustrated with yourself for having negative thoughts or feeling sad, anxious, or stressed in the first place. You may also feel frustrated about the patterns of behavior you might feel stuck in. Or, you may feel that you don’t have the energy or desire to try new things or engage in activities you once enjoyed. With the hectic pace of work and relationships in the city, you may feel that you have not had time to work on changing these
patterns, let alone even think of changing them

What We Dwell on is Who We Become

The negative thinking that we have on repeat in our heads colors our entire world. Common thinking errors that may come up in treatment is:

Mental Filter-paying attention to one detail and not the whole picture (often a negative detail)


Mindreading-believing that you know what others are thinking


All or Nothing Thinking-this involves thinking in extremes (it’s either all good or bad, “I’m either perfect or I’m a failure”), shades of gray don’t exist


It’s important to know that there is a connection between our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. If we dwell on negative thoughts, they generate negative emotions, and influence problematic behaviors. For instance, if you wake up in the morning and think “Ugh, today is going to be a bad day,” that might generate a feeling of anxiety or feeling blue, which may influence me to disengage or lash out to my coworkers, family, and friends. Which will likely lead to a negative response from my environment and result in a self fullfilling prophecy of you having a bad day.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Can Change All That!

CBT is typically a short-term treatment (i.e., between 3 months and a year) that focuses on teaching you skills for specific challenges, such as anxiety or depression as mentioned above. CBT is different from many other therapy approaches, in that we focus more on the present moment and on the ways that your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors are connected and affect one another. CBT can be a very active therapy, so homework is common (e.g. worksheets on how to reduce negative thinking errors, exercises to help you
re-engage with life, strategies to reduce stress). We will work with you to break unhealthy patterns of thinking and behavior and increase the emotions that you want to have in your life.

If you’re ready to claim your best life, contact me now!