Race/Culture Therapy in NYC and NC

Have you been looking for a therapist who looks like you?

Kind Mind Psych in NYC offers online therapy with therapists who are understanding of what it’s
like to be person of color in the world today.

We know it can be hard to find a therapist who is understanding of what it’s like to be person of color in the world today. Not all of our struggles in life can be categorized under a medical diagnosis (unfortunately, “my boss keeps touching my hair without asking” is not in the DSM-5). Many of us deal with additional stressors walking through the world each day. We may also struggle with issues related to racial or cultural identity.

Some of the challenges related to racial or cultural identity include:

Microaggression: Many people face racial and/or cultural discrimination on a personal level. For example, discrimination by a racist boss might lead to stress at work. These may be overt or covert experiences.


Systemic discrimination (i.e. “the system”): Large-scale racial and cultural inequalities are entrenched in many modern-day societies. Understanding and facing these forms of discrimination can be stressful and upsetting.


Identity Confusion: You might be unsure of how to live with different aspects of your racial or cultural identities, or you might wonder how to balance your personal values with those of your racial or cultural background.


Events that challenge one s identity: Moving to a new location, entering a new life phase, or becoming involved in new social circles can all bring up questions around racial and cultural identity


But how can you help?

We provide a safe place for you to openly discuss your concerns without fear of judgment, need for code switching, or worry that you have to educate us on the topic. We will give you coping skills to help better manage the stress that you face on a daily basis and if you have associated issues (e.g. depression, anxiety) we will address those as well.

You don’t have to “be strong” and deal with these challenges in silence.

Schedule an appointment and see the difference it can make in your life!