Rest is not an option, it is a requirement!

We have all had moments where we feel mentality, physically and even sometimes spiritually exhausted. Many times we push ourselves past our limits which can have negative effects like increased irritability , moodiness, and etc. Most of the time, when we feel drained, we try to compensate by getting more sleep which can be beneficial, but sometimes we may need a different type of rest. Your brain isn’t designed to be endlessly productive. In fact, the brain is most efficient and effective when it’s allowed to move between periods of focus and unfocus. We will be reviewing different ways you can implement physical, sensory, social, spiritual rest in your life. 

Physical rest 

Physical rest is probably the easiest rest to implement and also easiest to notice when you need it. Physical rest can be either passive or active. Passive physical rest means time you spend asleep. Active physical rest, on the other hand, is any activity that improves your physical well-being, like, exercise, massages, acupuncture, stretching, or yoga. Utilizing both kinds of rest will positively affect your physical health. 

Ways to get Physical rest: 

● Prioritize your sleep. Incorporate sleep hygiene protocols into your sleep routine to improve the quality of your sleep 

● Create an active rest schedule 

● Utilize fitness apps or apps like youtube that give you access to free exercise routines , stretching and yoga information. 

Sensory rest

Sensory rest is about giving your senses a break. We use our 5 senses all the time and it’s a good practice to give them a break, especially your sight. A way to give your senses a break is by unplugging. Spend some time away from your electronics. Get off social media! Turn off the lights with nothing but gentle white noises or no noise at all. Set your room to a comfortable temperature and give your senses a break. 

Ways to get sensory rest 

● Set a reminder on your phone to unplug from your electronics 

Social rest 

It is ok to have “me time”. Sometimes you need to spend time alone from others to help you recharge. Depending on your job or certain life circumstances you may have to engage with people often. Every person has a variety of relationships in their lives: family members, coworkers, friends, acquaintances, etc. It is a great practice to schedule some alone time. Try not to judge or compare your social needs to others. When you feel your social battery expiring it’s ok to take some time to recharge! 

Ways to get social rest: 

● Prioritize your time! Say no If you’re feeling depleted. It’s ok to turn down an invitation or two to recharge at home. 

Spiritual rest 

When we feel disconnected from the rest of the world, it can leave us feeling unbalanced. Spiritual rest provides us with a sense of purpose and belonging. Feelings of love, acceptance, and understanding help ground us. One thing about spiritual exhaustion is that people usually feel spiritually exhausted when they are not participating in their spiritual practices. Some people find spiritual rest in spiritual books.

Ways to get spiritual rest: 

● Join a spiritual community, faith-based organization, or spiritual interest group. ● Set time aside daily or weekly to read and engage with your spiritual practices. 

Wrap up 

With any form of rest the first step is implementing the restful practices often. You don’t want to wait until you are on empty to implement rest. I hope you find these suggestions helpful and begin making rest a priority in your life. Rest is not an option, it is a requirement for all human beings!

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