Lauren Voeltz, MHC-LP

Lauren Voeltz, MHC-LP


Pronouns: She/Her

About Me

My name is Lauren Voeltz and I am a prevention/solution-focused, patient-centered, trauma-informed  mental health, and social service provider with an insatiable passion for improving the lives of as many individuals as  possible, especially marginalized and underserved populations.  

My therapeutic care philosophy encompasses an eclectic and compassionate multimodal approach encompassing  theory and best practice techniques deriving from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy,  Cognitive Processing Therapy, Schema Therapy, Gestalt therapy and various others. The unique culmination of these therapeutic techniques are utilized for the promotion of healing, growth, and understanding for each of the clients  that I work with. Customized individual treatment plans help target the person’s both short term and long term  life/mental health goals and collaboratively we work toward identifying challenges and barriers to goal attainment for  removal. Each treatment plan is personally crafted together between myself and the person the plan is being created  for, to ensure that the most appropriate and desired needs are being met and that the work that we are doing together  is both relevant and helpful. 

My specific training and experience affords me the opportunity to examine many different types of circumstances from a variety of different angles and through various lenses. I am a tremendous believer in the  importance of having a high-quality therapeutic alliance with the individuals that I work with which research supports  as a key component in helping clients feel more comfortable in exploring their healing journey and finding more  success in deep rooted internal trauma reconciliation and healing. I can proudly attest that clients who work directly  with me are undoubtedly in careful, ethical, and supportive hands as I am known to be a passionate and genuine  therapist. 

Ultimately I have both a substantial amount of lived and learned experiences and I use both daily toward the assistance  of others in the improvement of their mental health and lives. 

I pride myself on having used my life and education for the purpose of helping others improve their lives and to  achieve their individual goals. I truly believe that my down-to-earth approach helps people to open up comfortably  with me in a relatable and respectable way. My therapeutic approach has yielded positive results for many clients over  the 20 plus years that I have worked in the mental health field and I am proud to provide high quality therapy to those  who need it the most. My personal mission is to educate clients, empower them and assist them in improving their  quality of life by facilitating real change and teaching skills that can be utilized for a lifetime.  

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