The team

Dr. Monica Johnson (She/ They)


If you’re reading this, it means you are taking your mental and emotional health seriously and researching someone who will be a good fit for your journey. This is exciting! Let me tell you more about me to help you with your decision making process.

I am a Licensed Psychologist in NYC, but some people think of me as a problem solving pro, empowerment guru, and self-compassion guide! I partner with my patients to find pathways to a better life. I work best with people who are tired of being stuck and ready to make changes. I can’t change you. Only you can do that, but I’m super excited to be your side kick on the journey and help you highlight roads to success.

Anastasia Mongra, MHC-LP


Welcome and congratulations on taking a step towards prioritizing your mental wellbeing! Seeking professional help can feel overwhelming, but it is a vital part of enhancing your quality of life. 

Whether your goal is to strengthen your relationships, improve your coping skills, or heal from past traumas, therapy can provide you with the tools needed to live a more satisfying life. Part of this journey, is of course, finding the right therapist who can embark on it with you. Allow me to introduce myself to see if I may be that person for you.

I’m Anastasia, a Mental Health Counselor based in NYC. My clinical experience includes helping individuals cope with a variety of concerns including, anxiety, depression, relationship/marital difficulties, anger management, racial and criminal injustice issues, and substance use. 

I firmly believe that the stigma of mental health fosters an environment where individuals feel forced to bear their psychological burdens alone. Healing is a process, that can be trying yet rewarding. It does not have to be endured alone. I can partner with you through a deep self-exploration where you gain insight into the underlying mechanisms that have shaped who you are today. Together, we will identify your goals and aim to create specific techniques to support you leading the meaningful, prosperous life you deserve. I invite you to contact me to see if I can be a valuable resource for you.


Ashley Gopaul, LMSW


I am an Indo-Caribbean therapist whose therapy style is a non-judgmental, culturally competent, intersectional approach to mental health care. I believe therapy is a safe space to be your true self, which means allowing yourself to feel vulnerable and express the more difficult emotion, and to put yourself first.
Often throughout our lives, we have been taught many different messages growing up that often shape how we navigate the world. Therapy is where you can unlearn and reframe some of the harmful messages you received while maintaining that connection to the positive messages in
your culture and community.
I am passionate about providing services to various marginalized BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, and immigrant communities and populations through navigating stigma related stress, life transitions, trauma, interpersonal challenges (including those related to friendships, family, and romantic relationships), anxiety, and depression. I am invested in providing spaces for healing, deepened self-discovery and strengthened self-love. I draw from an array of modalities to create a therapeutic space for growth, affirmation, and acceptance. Life can be difficult and there is still much stigma against mental health, but you don’t have to do it alone.

Jordyn Saul, LMSW


I’m Jordyn, an LMSW in NYC. I aim to help clients improve their self-esteem and self-efficacy by overcoming the negative self-talk that can lead to feelings of frustration and low self-worth. With compassion and genuine curiosity, I strive to create a safe and collaborative environment to process distress and promote your strengths. Together we can work on honing skills that you
can access to help you overcome struggles as they arise. The journey of self-acceptance and compassion is a difficult and complex process, yet can be very rewarding.
My therapeutic style balances warmth and empathy. I have an active and direct approach, using humor and creativity to engage clients. I utilize a combination of solution-focused therapies and tailor my approach to each client’s needs. I pull from a multitude of different therapeutic styles and interventions, including DBT, CBT, and Mindfulness Practice. I am certified in trauma-focused CBT as well, allowing me to take a trauma-focused lens to situations. My practice is rooted in LGBTQIA+ affirming, body positive, sex positive, and anti-racist care. I am committed to applying a systemic and anti-oppressive lens to all situations. In addition to individual therapy, I have extensive training and lead a DBT therapy group for those struggling with addiction, self-harm, and severe mood imbalances.

Alex Breuss, MA (He/Him)


Hello, my name is Alex. Many people silently struggle with depression, anxiety, anger, disconnect, self-loathing, and relationship issues. We all encounter situations that are difficult to navigate or deal with and sometimes we need some help to deal with those situations successfully. That is exactly what I want to help with.

Together, we can work on defining the necessary tools and knowledge to get you to a place where you understand yourself, others, and your environment well enough to shape your life better. Through therapy, you can gain a better understanding of the consequences of your actions, the actions of others, and be given greater decision making power in your life. By embarking
on this journey we will discover why we are the way we are, find acceptance in who we are, and learn what is necessary to live a new life. I strive to make the therapeutic process to be as welcoming and accepting as possible. If you are ready for a new lifestyle, then this is the place to be. Please don’t hesitate to contact me!